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Jun 5, 2017

We’re going to Worldcon! TJ and Dave just booked our flights to Helsinki, with a detour to Germany for the Writing Excuses 2017 Cruise. There is a batch of new cabins that have just been released. Go to to register for the trip. This is our first WX cruise!

The shortlist for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award were released today. You’ll find them up here.

We’re both a little exasperated with American Gods. It’s going really slowly and the creators have mentioned that they think the first book’s story might take years to finish. Ugh.

We both loved Wonder Woman… with the exception of three little words. We have started the visa application for Themyscira. We had a little less love for King Arthur.

The SciFi Dustup of the Day is this awful interview with N.K. Jemisin in which the article’s author spends 90% of the article (including huge block quotes and a 30-line poem) talking about herself, her struggles, and her work. Nora is kind enough to phrase her criticism as “how not to interview an author.”